About Radiant Life Diary

Welcome to Radiant Life Diary, My name is Lauriane and I help women become the best version of themselves. I can help you become healthier, happier, more successful and attractive. Are you ready to become the person you always wanted to be?

The Radiant Life Diary Philosophy

Radiant Life Diary is all about happiness, health, passion, and self-improvement. Everyone deserves to live a happy, fulfilling life, to feel attractive and desirable, to be healthy and to follow their passion. Radiant Life Diary will help you connect with your true self and give you practical tools to achieve success in all areas of your life. If you need daily inspiration and look for self-growth, Radiant Life Diary will feel like your second home.


What can you find here?

Radiant Life Diary is a positive but also very diverse platform that covers most areas of one’s life. You will be able to find tips and information about health, veganism, self-development, beauty, and travel. Every single article is tailored to provide value, extend your knowledge and offers practical tools to improve your life.

You will find posts about:

  • Personal development, if you want to know how to achieve your dream and be successful.
  • Nutrition, if you want information about health and veganism.
  • Physical appearance, if you wish to become the most attractive version of yourself.
  • Beauty care, for self-care tips, DIYs, and products that do not harm animals.
  • Travel, if you need guidance to plan your next exciting expedition.


About Lauriane

Hello gorgeous! My name is Lauriane and I am the founder and author of Radiant Life Diary. I am a 24 years old Frenchie who currently lives in Australia. I switch countries from time to time and love discovering new places! My purpose in life is to help others live a better life. I have a Master Degree in Cultural Management and used to work in the Art Industry. My life completely changed when I started listening to my inner self and decided to follow my passion. Today I am a new woman. I wake up fulfilled every morning by helping others find success and well-being. I love learning new things and sharing that knowledge with my readers. I am passionate about veganism and believe that animals deserve to live a life of happiness and freedom. I try to raise awareness by showing the world how satisfying and empowering veganism is.


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