As women, we all want to feel sexy and desired. It is a fundamental and natural behavior meant to help us find a partner to perpetuate human life. Before we go any further, I want you to be fully aware that you already are sexy, attractive and desirable. You are simply not aware of your full potential just yet. The thing is, every single woman on this planet is desirable. Some women simply know how to enhance their seductive power more than others. Being sexy mainly comes from your attitude which creates your charisma, and your love for yourself which determines your relationship with your body. It is mostly determined by the way you stand, talk, walk, interact with others and feel about yourself. The good news is, you can easily be and look sexier following simple tips that I am about to share with you.

In this article you will learn:

  • 15 guaranteed ways to instantly look sexier.
  • Must-know tips to act and look irresistible.
  • Effortless ways to be more attractive and desirable.

Posture! Posture! Posture!

Let’s start with the basics. Being sexy starts with your posture. Whenever you stand, walk or sit, make sure to stand tall and bring your chest up. Pretend that you want to touch the sky with the top of your head. Having a good posture will instantly make you look more confident and sexy. On top of it, a good posture will help your body function properly and prevent your back from getting hurt.

Make eye contact

Making eye contact with people when talking to them is an incredible tool to look sexier. Looking at people right in the eyes will make you look more confident and in control. It will give you a sense of power but will also make you look deeply interested in what the other person has to say. When talking to people, make sure to keep your focus on their eyes. Don’t look down, stay focus and avoid moving your gaze around.

Be more physical

If you want to appear sexier in the eyes of others, try to be more physical when engaging with them. Try touching your interlocutor’s arm when laughing for example. Don’t overthink it, be spontaneous. Creating a physical connexion between yourself and others will make you look more dynamic, engaged and ultimately sexier. But be careful not to overdo it as it can become uncomfortable for the other person when done too often.

Wear something red

In our society, the color red is connected to passion and can make women look more sensual. The color red can unconsciously influence the way others see you by making you look sexually active and desirable. If you want to boost your sex appeal, try to wear something red. It can be as big as a red dress or as small as a lipstick or a nail polish.

Draw attention to your best features

Always make sure that your clothes are flattering for your silhouette. We all have parts of our bodies that we are more confident about than others. To look sexy and attractive, make sure to pick clothes that naturally draw attention to your best features while subtly hide the parts you are less confident about. Trends are great, but sometimes what is trendy is not necessarily flattering for your body type. Identify the parts of your body you like and make sure that your clothes enhance them in the most graceful and desirable way.

Wear heels

Wearing high heels can help you look sexier for several reasons. First, it will make your legs seem longer and slimmer. But wearing heels can also change the way you walk and stand. It will make you more self-conscious about your posture and will make you look more confident. It will give you a sexy boost by making you look high-powered.

Wear comfortable clothes

Always make sure that your clothes are comfortable so that you don’t ever need to worry about them. If you can’t walk properly because your heels are too high or if you are constantly readjusting your skirt because it is too short, you are not going to look very sexy. Remember, being sexy mainly comes from your attitude. Your clothes need to reveal what a powerful woman you are, not make you look clumsy.

Smell good but don’t overdo it

When it comes to fragrance, less is more. Perfume can either enhance or completely ruin your sex appeal. You want people to get close to you to be able to smell you. Being able to smell someone from the other side of the room is not sexy at all. As a matter of fact, it can easily make people feel sick. Pick a nice and delicate perfume that you love, and don’t spray too much of it.

Keep your makeup natural

This tip is a bit more controversial and mostly the result of my experience and culture (I am French by the way). Within my lifetime, I realized that men generally preferred natural makeup looks. From what I understood by talking to the men in my life, they value natural beauty and perceive heavy makeups as “cheating”. For this reason, I recommend having a light hand when it comes to makeup. But keep in mind that it is only my own experience and not an intangible truth! I believe that it is also the reflection of my culture and might change from one country to another. If you love and master heavy makeup looks, keep doing them! Be yourself no matter what I say!


If you want to look sexy with minimum efforts, try smiling more often! Smiling will always make you look more desirable as it creates a positive engagement between you and others. Smiling is a joyful action. It makes you look more approachable and helps to connect with others more easily. Smiling also sends the signal that you are happy and confident, which ultimately makes you look more attractive and sexy.

Be kind

The kinder you are, the sexier you look. If you are constantly negative, mean and judgmental, you surround yourself with a lot of darkness. All this negativity makes it difficult for others to find you desirable. Be positive, try to see the good in every situation and don’t judge others.

Care about others

People will always remember the way you made them feel. When you make others feel good, by being nice and positive, you project a positive image of yourself. This positive vibration is making you look more attractive and desirable. Listen attentively to what others have to say. Create a positive environment for them to share their thoughts and dreams. Don’t judge them and always try to bring them up.

Don’t rush

To look sexier, take the time to express your thoughts, to tell a story or to walk into a room. Take the time to be yourself and to show the world how amazing you are. People tend to rush things a lot. That’s a terrible mistake. If you want to boost your sex appeal, slow down both your speech and movements. It will instantly make you look more sensual and attractive.

Stay classy

When it comes to being sexy, less is more. You don’t have to show everything to look sensual. In fact, the more subtle you are, the sexier. Find clothes that enhance your body but also make sure not to reveal too much. A general advice would be to decide on one thing to reveal and stick to it. For example, if you wear a short dress that reveals most of your legs, try to lay low on the cleavage and vice versa.

Be yourself

Last but certainly not least, remain yourself under any circumstances! To be sexy, you absolutely need to be yourself. That’s why my very last advice would be to completely ignore my tips if you can’t naturally implement them into your life. Don’t force yourself to do anything if it doesn’t match your personality. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing heels or making physical contacts with others, just don’t. Never force yourself to do anything just because you think you have to. Be yourself and, most importantly, be happy and proud to be that person!

Final thoughts

To become sexier and more desirable, you can follow all the tips listed above. They will dramatically boost your sex appeal and make you look more sensual and attractive. But the ultimate secret is to love yourself. Nothing can replace self-love and confidence. If you love yourself, you will be sexy no matter what you do! Feel free to use little tricks to look sexier but always keep in mind that first and foremost, being sexy comes from within. Before doing anything else, work on loving and appreciating yourself for who you are!

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